Monday, 1 April 2013

How To know if your antivirus Aint a decoration on your PC

--How to Test the Working of your Antivirus – EICAR Test--

We all have Antiviruses installed on our PC's but mostly they are rendered useless after sometime coz of various reasons like outdated virus definition databases etc.....It could begin to detect normal files as malware especially if it has been updated with a faulty antivirus signature database.

Have you ever wondered how to test your Antivirus software to ensure it’s proper working? Well here is a quick and easy way to test your antivirus. The process is called EICAR test which will work on any antivirus and was developed by European Institute of Computer Antivirus Research. This process can be used by people, companies and antivirus programmers to test the proper functioning of the antivirus/antimalware software without having to deal with the real computer virus which can cause damage to the computer. Here is a step-by-step procedure to test your antivirus.

1. Open a notepad (New Text Document.TXT) and copy the following code exactly onto it, and save the notepad.

EICAR Test code


2. Rename the file from New Text Document.TXT to

3. Now run the antivirus scan on this file.

If the antivirus is functioning properly on your computer, then it should generate a warning and immediately delete the file upon scanning. Otherwise you may have to re-install your antivirus.

NOTE: Most antivirus will pop-out a warning message in the Step-1 itself

Good-luck with yours......RODGWIZZ!