Monday, 19 August 2013

Living With A Droid

My android phone is like a baby to me. I so much love with its endless possibilities. Time spent away from my phone when am not that busy especially during when the charge is over or am forced by circumstances to leave it alone, mostly when am eating or the sort, are among the dullest moments.
Why android???    How about you SHUT UP and stop asking QUESTIONS. Ouch that escalated quickly.
Android is one of the best platforms in the market right now being an OPEN SOURCE that means it’s free. Yaaay does that sound familiar?? Especially if you are Kenyan. The other day there was this trending topic on twitter #WhatMakesMeKenyan and one that caught me was that most of Kenyan searches start with the word free. Someone is feeling guilty but you know what??  start rejoicing coz you aint alone I bet  you have most of the Kenyan online with you.
One good thing about android is that it’s very flexible. Soo much flexible and there are some developers out there who are not sleeping (literally), either developing that custom sleek ROM to that app that satisfies that very need of yours. In short there is a whole lot of community  “customer care” out there we call them developers who probably will solve almost all your problems in case you will ever encounter any.
The best part about android is its customizability. Did I sound correct there?? Well anyway you get the general idea don’t you?? You can customize your android phone to whatever you want it to look like You can change the look of your phone from those feminine bright colors to the cool gentle colors. They always say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so am not to judge, you are the one to do that.
 On May 2013 a survey indicated that  an estimate of 25 billion were in the Google Play store.  So basically You can find any app that can virtually do whatever you want or can automate that simple or complex day to day activity. You can even order for a customized app if you feel that those on the store can’t satisfy your need of course at a fee.  Generally android gives you the ultimate flexibility of what you want is what you get. I think you get the idea. Don’t you??
But what really strikes me about android is its ability to read documents. Am that one person who is constantly on the move, ”situlii”. May be on one of those to trips of mine am on a deadline and have to do some research ivi ma exams or  some isht I need to present like in the next two days. So my phone just comes in handy. Plus I found this app its called  RepilGo reader. This is one cool PDF reader app that can sync your dropbox account if you put your books there, or either Microsoft  SkyDrive or the popular BOX. The killer part about the app is the ability to read aloud. What this read aloud does is it converts text to speech. So your handy most mobile, flexible, obedient and all knowing lecture with you on the go *Smiles Broadly. Unlike my laptop which is bulky expensive and risky *si unajua madingo vile wao hu operate?*
The ability to access internet faster with the 3G, WIFI thing is just a turn on. I fuckin love the internet that’s why internet accessibility is concern to me. Having to access a website ki computer style complete with drop down menus just amazes me, the fact that am using just a phone to do that awes me. That  made just forget the route to my local cyber. I don’t have to my phone completes all my needs.
An android phone being built on Linux kernel kinda makes it almost immune to virus attacks. PS ALMOST IMMUNE not entirely safe there are some android exploits but we will discuss it some later time.
I heard my Guy calling his Android  phone his wife coz it virtually satisfies all his needs well…. even conjugal satisfaction coz, “faping”  ooh now just ignore this line completely
In simple wording my phone is my ka mini portable laptop. So imagine all that services a laptop offers an android phone can offer that. I have just highlighted a few of them but there are whole lots of em.