Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Downloading Torrents With IDM

Hi Everyone.  Today I'm gonna try and post Something Intresting for the torrent LOvers.
I was busy in the office one morning…for me busy means downloading stuff and the likes of all activities so long as I’m on an unlimited data plan. Moving to my favorite spot where the Wi-Fi signal is at its best, so as a tradition I had opened a Facebook tab and a message popped from My Friend Mike. 

The guy was asking how to download torrents with a better speed since the organization he was working for had a tortoise speed internet. Sorry for the insult but I’m just tryna describe in my own words their internet speed and maybe I should have indeed referred to it as a “Millipede speed internet”. Guess it’s now up to you really to figure out which one is slower between the two.
So I think I’ll go straight to the point and try explaining how to download torrents with IDM.
First go to your favorite torrent site, for instance mine is kat.ph and search for the file you want to download.
In this case I wanted to Download Revolution Episode 20

 Now comes the other part of the task since you already have the torrent file.
Visit zibigz.com
Create an account there, creating an account is actually very easy there since they don’t require email verification so you can do it with a fake email address like me.

After creating the account you can log in and upload your torrent file. Click on upload and choose the torrent file you had downloaded in step one.
See the below screenshot

After Clicking “GO” The process of uploading your torrent file will not begin until you chose the type of account you actually want to upload it with.
As for free users like me I’ll chose “Free” since I don’t have a premium account. A premium account comes with some advantages over the free one.

The caching process will begin and your torrent will be ready in no time.
Then download button will also appear after the caching is done. So watch out for fake ones used for advertisements.

Click on “Download”
Your download will automatically begin and you can enjoy the faster speeds.
Check out mine

From there I can say “Well done “

Without forgetting actually I think I should highlight briefly why I prefer this method of downloading torrents over the traditional method of using Bittorent clients.
This site offers a platform that allows you to capture torrents and download them comfortably using your default browser downloader or using a second party software that accelerates your download.
The advantage of downloading torrents with IDM unlike other bittorent clients actually is that;
1.Internet Download Manager(IDM) is the best download manager and speeds up your overall download speed by 5 times.
2.Internet download manager speed doesn't depend on seeders,leeches etc,it only depends on your Internet connection. So, you can download torrent files with IDM without any difficulty if you have good net connection.

4.If Torrent is blocked in your offices,schools,colleges etc then you can download torrent files with Internet download Manager(IDM) easily.
5.Downloading Torrent Files With IDM is really useful when you are downloading files with less seeds.

Thanks For Reading this!!